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Sponsors and Volunteers


The work we do is made possible by the various people, businesses and organisations who connect with our vision and decide to support us financially and/or in kind. We are so grateful them all and hope that our collaborations will continue!
  • Sponsor African Impact
  • Sponsor Food Forward Sa
  • Sponsor Grandslots 001
  • Sponsor IQRAA
  • Sponsor National Lotteries
  • Sponsor Heart And Stroke Foundation
  • Sponsor Stephen Lewis Foundation
  • Sponsor Tias Arms

Volunteers & Interns

Volunteers (local and foreign) are very welcome to help at GAPA in a variety of ways. We have had volunteers who assist us with our children at the aftercare; as well as volunteers who spend extended time with us, supporting us with an array of operational tasks.

Three organizations funnel volunteers and interns into GAPA’s human resources: African Impact, VACorps, and Global Citizen Year. This past year, we've had a rotation of 10+ aftercare volunteers from African Impact, three interns from VACorps, and three interns from Global Citizen Year.

GAPA has benefited greatly from these volunteer and internship programs in terms of logistical planning, general administrative work, media representation, fresh programming perspectives, and multicultural learning. Moreover, the interns’ initiatives on issue and asset mapping have helped implement GAPA’s mission in tangible ways.

Do you have a skill, health information or words of encouragement you would like to share with our seniors? Come and join us for one of our health clubs! We would love to learn from you. See the gallery photos below of just a few of our wonderful caring Volunteers.

  • Flavia Moreno  - 19 years-old, Peru
    • My time at GAPA has been a continuous learning experience complete with a supportive community. From the moment I arrived, I could appreciate the organized mechanisms that make GAPA a sustainable organization.
    • However, what differentiates GAPA are the grandmothers themselves. They are the backbone of the program, supporting the organization and its community each and every day. Throughout my time at GAPA, I realized how fulfilling this role was to them. They were empowered.
    • To be able to live with other people in a community that spreads quality of life and love like GAPA is truly special for both the grandmothers and myself.
    • As a volunteer a long way from home (Peru), I found in GAPA the closest thing to the love of a family. The wisdom and advice of the grandmothers, their songs of welcome when receiving someone new, and the good humor that exists in the organization made my time at GAPA an unforgettable one!
    Flavia Moreno - 19 years-old, Peru
  • Kurt Godinez
    • I will always speak fondly of the time I shared this healing space with the people of GAPA. It was always a place that struck a chord, be it from the grannies singing songs of praise or the children’s spirited cheers while having heated football matches. It strikes an empowering chord amidst the injustices that blatantly weigh down on Khayelitsha and its neighboring townships.
    • Anyone who engages with these communities will benefit from understanding the lasting systemic issues caused by Apartheid, colonialism, and cultural imperialism. What you will encounter are the personal and intimate consequences of those issues, yet also the unique capacities and powers that have emerged in response to them.
    • My time as an intern here was incredibly rich, particularly because I learned how to indigenize solutions on a person-by-person basis while drawing from the community’s assets. It was no easy task; one had to deal with the sometimes rigid generational dynamics, with the friction of outsider acculturation, and with the numerous grey areas of ethical volunteering. Yet, it was always possible because GAPA operated in love and forgiveness.
    Kurt Godinez

Find out how to share your time at GAPA

Our "Support GAPA" page has all the details on how to Volunteer your time or how to make a donation.